Monday, November 30, 2009

10 Bad Things About The Off-Season

  1. No matter how many times I open Training Peaks, everything in my calendar still says “END OF SEASON BREAK.”
  2. The weather is cold and just screams “running season” to me.  I should be out there doing track workouts and long runs in this.
  3. 10 weeks till my next race – that seems like a million years right now.
  4. Knowing that my body isn’t remotely ready to start training, but still…kinda…looking for something to do.  Right now I’m channeling that energy into Cyber Monday shopping but the bank account won’t last forever.
  5. Get a tattoo.  Don’t get a tattoo.  The debate rages on and time runs short as eventually I will have to start swimming again.  (Mostly this boils down to I want to do it but I’m a giant wimp about going and doing new and strange things by myself)
  6. When work takes up more of your time than training (by about a gazillion percent as there is no training), and training has been your mental escape from work all year…where do you escape now?
  7. No more shirking household chores with excuses like “I have to get going on my workout” or “I’m really tired and sore” or “my training plan says I have to keep off my feet today!”
  8. Total inability to stay awake past 9pm and I can’t even blame training
  9. All those people taunting me outside riding their bikes and running.  Sorry, seeing you people swim doesn’t make me jealous at all :-)
  10. Post-IM depression.  Going from the euphoria of “I did it” to the reality of “I should have done it better.”  I’m working on getting past this one, as everyone has reminded me it’s normal.  At least it gives me some motivation for next time (oh yes, there will be a next time).  And that’s exactly why it’s better for me to not do an IM next year but instead build my confidence again and work on improving form in short course racing.


Kris said...

I'd send you to the tattoo artist who did both of mine....she's quite good, but she's in Maui. :)

D said...

And by tattoo we're not talking about an M-dot, are we? Are we??? :/

TriGirl Kate O said...

Ooooh, I so wish I could be your tattoo sherpa! Tattoo sherpas are the BEST. They take you out drinking afterward...

2011 is our year!

jennabul said...

I would go with you to get your tattoo, if you get one in California. But you must say, the Maui idea is intriguer since you're going to Hawaii soon....I have a tattoo...and it is better with friends, for sure.

Meredith said...

I know you guys are anti-Ironman brand, but I will sooo be getting my m-dot tattoo when I finish. For me it's a symbol of what the race represents not the company itself.

Marit C-L said...

Ha ha - I love Kate O - awesome :) Molly - welcome to the world of short course. It's going to be a GREAT year!

post IM letdown...normal, totally normal. BUT - going to Hawaii should help... :)

As for the woulda coulda shoulda with IM racing... Let yourself feel whatever you want, but in the end realize that it was your FIRST IM and a very successful one at that. Take what you learned and apply everything to the next go-around. I have no doubt that you will...


Iron Jayhawk said...

Okay. Number 5.

Let's do it. We'll figure out the same day. Go at a similar time. And get it done. Together...and a thousand miles apart.

We started this journey together, let's end it on a high note. :)

ADC said...

Number 10. You did great. Enjoy the taper.

Wes said...

Yup. all normal. I opted not to get the tattoo, cause its really all about me, and nobody else HAS to know, although I have no problem with them figuring it out :-)

Courtenay said...

just wanted to weigh in on the tattoo... i have 4 or 7 or 8 depending on how you count. i have had them for 5-8 years. there have been times i have hated having ink on me, hated how my skin and body looked with them, hated not looking like clean-skinned models in magazines. but i drew them all myself, and they represent a part of me, and they are all completely unique in a growing population of tribals and whatnots off the wall, and so i actually do love them.

so, i give this little talk to anyone i know contemplating a tattoo. because it's on there for forever (unless you want to spend 4x as much as it cost in order to remove it) and because ink melds and changes with your body - a tattoo isn't just a commemorative thing, it's going to grow and grow old with you.

i would hands-down recommend cecelia altamirano in SF as the best tattoo artist i know.

San said...

Get the tattoo on maui on your last day there. This way it's a beautiful reminder of a enjoyable holiday. When I was at Hawaii last year I got my feet/lower calves tattooed. (Queen of Pain Tattoo Waikiki) It did hurt, but not too bad. But on the second leg I couldn't hold it still, so I have to get some of it filled in.

Make sure that you like the artist and that he/she draws something especially for you, if you don't get the M-dot. And the studio must be clean! No concessions on the last one!!!!

Enjoy off season. I just started with my first marathon season today, the weather sucks and no Hawaii vacation on my horizon. :-(

Lisa T said...

I agree with KateO- get a good sherpa. I'd loan you mine but she's on a road trip in a bus. Really.

GoBigGreen said...

You did great. I wont get a tatoo, but to each her own:)
Hang in there, doldrums...ladee dah. I am in that mode "I want to train, ick no i dont"

:) you did good. Remind yourself daily.

Runner Leana said...

"Knowing that my body isn’t remotely ready to start training, but still…kinda…looking for something to do. Right now I’m channeling that energy into Cyber Monday shopping but the bank account won’t last forever."

What about yoga...or hiking?

Good luck on the tattoo decision. I think I'll just buy tons of, stickers, license plate frames...and leave it at that. But talk to me again in a year!