Tuesday, November 3, 2009


You may not have known that today was the day!  Today the mutts and I loaded up and hit the road for Arizona.  I will work remotely and do my taper from here, that way I can also acclimate to the (lack of) humidity, temperature, etc.

It’s dark out and we have no idea where we are going


The view back from the drivers seat.  Can *barely* see the dogs.


Leaving Silicon Valley



The Central Valley of California is flat flat flat and buggy (see windshield)


The highlight for Max is the large cattle lots alongside I-5.  I roll down all the windows so the smell completely permeates the car, and Max spins in his crate and air-humps with joy.  If I let him out, I have a feeling he’d roll in the slimiest cow pie he could find.  Dogs, gotta love ‘em.

Finally about 250 miles into the drive, it’s time for mountains again, as you climb the Grapevine before dropping down into the LA area.



Someone forgot to tell me LA is on fire again!


The mountains on the way to Palm Springs always make me think about grabbing some hiking boots and climbing them


After a long stretch in the high desert…


it’s time to cross the Colorado River into Arizona (note: it took me 5 years of trips to Arizona with Jeff before I even noticed this river)


Favorite desert scenery starts immediately


10.5 hours after starting, 720 miles later, I am in my happy place!


I even discovered some sneaky individual hid cards in my luggage


When I drove past Tempe Town Lake on my way into Scottsdale, my stomach jumped into my throat for just a moment.  OMG, I am going to swim in that in 2.5 weeks???  I think I’m starting to realize what I’ve gotten into!!! :)


D said...

I'm surprised the pups put up with the crates. Especially separated. Thems some good doggies you gots.

ADC said...

You are there, you are there. The photos are great, the scenery looks amazing. When I see photos like that I start missing the US and West Point.
Oh, I love the cards. Very cute. And I see the FB is on! Priorities, right?
Enjoy the next couple of weeks.

Maria said...

Enjoy the stay leading up to the race, smart to travel early! Hope the dogs adjusted well!

Runner Leana said...

South Park is your happy place? Yesterday when I saw the odd FB update I thought you were just on a really long ride. Then I finally clued in. Yup, I'm a smart one, haha!! Sounds like getting aclimated in AZ is a great idea!

And I love how you travel with the pups in a crate. I've found my puppy dog is the happiest in the car that way too.

Beth said...

Oh wow - that is so fun that you are there already and getting acclimated. And I can't believe you drove all that way by yourself! It would have taken me about 5 days to drive that far. :)

Wes said...

very nice :-) I'll tell you the story of my Dad's black hunting lab sometime... rolling in slimy cow pies is such fun!!

beardies3 said...

And so it begins...the final leg. Have fun with your taper in your happy place. Hugs to the beardies. Way to go Molly!!!

Charisa said...

Love the road trip pics! You're going to have a BLAST and do awesome!!!! Can't wait!

D.P. Lorra said...

Ahhh. Travel envy! Have a wonderful trip, and I know you will do great in your swim! Lil A and I are rooting for you!

I love road trips and your photos are gorgeous!

BTW... when did puppy Stan become such a big boy? And Max looks so distinguished!