Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Dog Days of Taper

Still here, still working and trying to wrap up projects before my mind disappears into the abyss of Ironman countdown.  I made it down the road to the tri shop (we’re so lucky, there are 2 of them within 2 miles of us) to buy some spare tubes for Saturday’s long ride.  I made it out for a completely craptastic run (hell-o, elevation and heat!) that was about par for my first run of any visit to Arizona before my body has acclimated.  Otherwise it’s just been me at home working and hanging with the mutts.  And hosing them off when they walk in the house and I discover one of them has managed to get poop on his back (I’m looking at YOU, Stanley).

They keep dragging me outside to play fetch with them.

Holy flying hairballs


Stan takes any opportunity to mug for the camera


That’s it? *sad face*  Need more fetch please.


I trimmed Max’s bangs so he can see clearly again – that will be useful at the agility trial tomorrow :)


Please tug with me some more?


Tomorrow we do our first AKC agility trial in, oh, about 1 YEAR!  This should be interesting…I need to remember we’re doing this for FUN.


TriGirl Kate O said...

Remember that during IM too--we do this for FUN!?

Trishie said...

Ha, Stanley says he didn't MEAN to roll in poop !

So nice that you have a decent amount of time to acclimiate to the heat !

good luck tomorrow ! goooo max!

ADC said...

Love the pics. Hope taper is going OK. Not long now and I am so excited for you.

Maria said...

your dogs are so photogenic, it's not even funny! hope today went well.