Saturday, November 7, 2009

And the fun continues…

One little taper day in a nutshell:

5:45 am: Give up trying to sleep with panting anxious puppy standing bedside wondering WHEN IS IT TIME TO DO MORE AGILITY????

6:00 am: Alarm goes off.  I’m already up, dressed, and eating breakfast.

6:45 am: Load the dogs up and head to the agility trial.

8:15 am: Run Stanley in Novice Jumpers.  Nice run but he knocked a bar, no Q.

9:45 am: Run Max in Excellent Jumpers.  Brilliant run but he popped out of a weave pole, no Q.

10:00 am: Our camp is broken down and loaded in the car and we’re on the way back to the house.

10:45 am: Head out for a ride on my race course!!!  It was a beautiful day here and I really enjoyed the ride.


On race day we get to ride in the freshly paved road – sooo purty looking!


I felt pretty good cruising south on the Beeline during my first loop


Just in case you didn’t know – it’s coming soon!!!


3:00 pm: Collapse on couch, catch up on emails and status of friends racing today, drink chocolate milk, pet hyper dogs.

4:30 pm: Get off couch and consider showering.  Roll out sore glutes and notice bloodshot eyes (biking/wind) in mirror.

5:15 pm: Take dogs down to Tempe Beach Park to size up future Ironman transition/swim/finish area. 


I hope the water is that calm on race morning!  The start is just on the other side of (nearly under) the Mill Avenue bridge in the background.


5:30 pm: Watch pretty sunset colors from the Mill Ave bridge.


5:35 pm: Run for the car with terrified dogs as idiotic ASU pregame fireworks go off over our heads and send Max and Stanley into a panic.

6:00 pm: Dinner leftovers at home, dogs still sitting on my feet panting.

7:00 pm: Power goes out.  For blocks all around.  Can not locate flashlight or candles as I hunt around the house by cellphone light.  Write blog post before computer battery dies, wonder if anything will come back on before the game I want to watch tonight is over, seriously consider “rescuing” the beers from the fridge. 

8:00 pm: Go to bed.

8:01 pm: The power comes back on.

8:15 pm: Take silly picture of dogs with their ribbons from the weekend.  Yes, it turns out the preliminary results posted were incorrect and Stanley actually took 3rd in his class.  Who cares, he still rocked it!


Remainder of evening: TV, hockey, sleep.  Last big day tomorrow before the “real” super-duper let’s cut way back on volume taper sets in.


Maria said...

What a busy day!
Love the pictures of the puppies...quick question, are they camera trained so they sit quietly and it takes one shot, or do you spend 5 minutes posing them and taking 15 shots hoping to get a good one? 'Cause they always look so good!

Molly said...

Haha, thanks! I think "stay" is about the first thing they learn LOL so I can take pictures. Then I ask questions that I know they'll look at me for (want a cookie? want a walk?). Sometimes I take a bunch to get a really good one but today it was just a quick snap in each case.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures. I really can't believe that we are just about there.