Saturday, November 28, 2009

Video Saturday!

We’re not going to talk about the small mammal party that took place in our house while we were gone, or how we spent hours cleaning when we got home from the 11 hour drive back from Arizona.  It turned out my first words upon entering the house (“It smells like something died in here”) were more accurate than I realized at the time.

Instead, let’s look at nice videos, mmmmmmmmkay? 

Here is Stanley on a jumpers course at a fun match today.  It was not a simple course and I’m pleased he handled the difficult parts so well.

In Standard. At least he hit his contacts nicely – we had some difficulties along the way but it was also a harder course than the Novice level he’ll be competing at.

And my mom just dropped off some of her videos from race day!

The swim start from my family’s perspective on the Mill Ave Bridge

My swim exit (I come out right behind the guy in the sleeveless green/black suit). Note that everyone getting out around me looks awfully cold.  Other than the wetsuit strippers taking forever to get my sleeves off, I was feeling great!

And heading off on the bike – right as I went to mount the bike, my song started up!

Various clips on the bike – each time they only saw me for a few seconds, hours apart, as I looped through town.  At the end of the bike, I’m telling them “finally the fun part!”

And then a few clips from the run!  I was telling someone today at the fun match that I’m still shocked to say the marathon felt like the easiest part.

And finally, the Muppets’ parody of Bohemian Rhapsody.  I think I spotted one of my dogs around the 1:59 and 3:43 marks.


jennabul said...

All those swimmers make me a bit claustrophobic just thinking about it. But I love the other pics...can't believe it's over! Good job again!

Maria said...

love the videos! it sounded like Stanley had quite the fan base in the first video with all the barking! good thing you are an ironman otherwise it looks like it would be hard keeping up with the dogs on the course!

Unknown said...

Don't hang back on the contacts, you need to drive forward, especially on the aframe :)