Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ironman Arizona: The Aftermath

I wheezed a little.

I got my official finish photo done.


I got my finishers shirt and hat.


And I found all my people (and babbled incoherently about all the things that happened during my day)!


I sat for about 20 minutes and just caught up with everyone.  The family and some of my friends were tired and needed to get to bed!  I hobbled back to the finish line, congratulated Susan’s husband Alex, and climbed into the bleachers. 

And then I got my 19,000th wind! 

I danced to the music, I cheered for the finishers, and I screamed my head off when my wonderful friend Barb became an Ironman!!!  It felt like the biggest, best party I’ve ever been to.


Around 1am I showered and went to bed.  Surprisingly I slept like the dead but alternated sweating and shivering all night.

At 6:30 am, while I was still in bed, my super-sherpa of a husband went back to Tempe and bought every article of finisher gear that came in my size (or so it seemed).  Honestly, how amazing is this man?! 

The house looked a little scatterbrained when I got up in the morning.  Garmin on the kitchen counter, finishers medal on the dresser, space blanket on the nightstand, heart rate monitor on the toilet…

Mai tais!!!!!  No, I did not drink that whole thing – not even close – but just sipping a little was nice.



Iron Jayhawk said...

I'm SO SO SO PROUD OF YOU!!! What an incredible day it was and I'm thrilled I got to share it with you. Your run was remarkable! :) Way to stick it to 140.6 miles, girl.

By the way, my friend Robyn caught you at the end and sends her congratulations. She didn't realize it was "my friend molly" until later when I was talking about how great and strong you were looking on the run.

Congratulations, Ironman!!!

Marit C-L said...

WOO HOO!!! Congratulations Molly!! I was tracking you all day, sending all the good vibes I could think of and telling Nathaniel all about you. He had to head to work for a bit...but the first question he asked upon walking through the door was, "How's Molly doing?"

I am SO proud of you! You did an incredible job...had an amazing journey- and are an Ironman! What a SMART race too!! YES YES!!!

You are such a stud! Great friends and awesome hubby out there - wonderful :) So happy for you Molly! Now... enjoy the off season and hopefully the soreness has gone away!

lynn yarmey said...

:) :) :) :)

Wes said...

That's the way to finish in style :-) I started shaking so bad after mine, I had to go home. Plus, they were out of pizza. Bastages.

Jeff is a good man!! So proud Molly!! Enjoy your vacation!!

D said...

You DIDN'T finish it!?!? I'm really tempted not to read the rest of your posts (which I'm doing in reverse, btw).

Sherry said...

What a sweet, sweet hubby!!!! I LOVE your medal! Scott and I have a new thing... if we're racing, there's got to be a finisher's medal involved. LOL! We love the bling! Congrats again!

Eileen Swanson said...

These are super cool pics an video clips of your IM experience! Awesome! I've been MIA with blogging lately, but I'm back!

Your entire IM crew seemed amazing! Lucky girl ;-)