Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Erm. OK. So maybe masters wasn't that good, but I (mostly) kept up with the other people in my lane, the coach was as cute as advertised, and I didn't drown, so that's all success, right?

I dragged myself out of bed long before dawn, left three indignant dogs behind, and was in the pool parking lot by 5:40am. My friend Melissa met me there to shepherd me through the process and calm my nerves. I was assigned to the "newbie" lane and jumped on in to warm up.

The good: I totally outkicked a guy in my lane and with 450 yards of kicking? That meant I kept up with the group.
The bad: If I made the intervals on the opening 10x50s it was just barely but overall I fell a little behind.
The ugly: 2x500 pull was great but really hurt my shoulder by the end. The kind of hurt that tingles all the way down to the wrist? Not good.

And so I survived something that shouldn't really seem like a big deal to anyone who's done this before but was an intimidating experience for someone who only learned to swim in the last year.

After I got home from swim, I walked the 3 now pissed-off dogs, fed them and went for a run. Yay running! Something I can do properly. Today was an easy 35-minute run to rev my legs up for tomorrow's hard speed workout: 1 mile repeats at faster than race pace. Oh boy, this will hurt be fun!

Edited to add a rave - Melissa wrote this to me this morning: "Oh, and btw nice arm muscles. Your biceps pop right out!"


beardies3 said...

Could you hear us cheering? We add a cheer for your friend; she got you over the first hurdle. You did the rest. Well done. It will get easier and you will soon be proud of your aqua skills!

Elayne said...

Sounds like a pretty successful first practice to me. Masters can be very intimidating when you first start out but you'll quickly find yourself fitting right in and your swimming will improve dramatically.

But wow, you're way tougher than me. I go to the evening workouts, no way I'm jumping in a cold pool at 5:45 in the morning. I think the early morning masters people are the hardcore of the hardcore.

Anonymous said...

Nice job on swimming with the big fishies!! That would be scary for me.

Hope that run is fun today ;-)

Tea said...

I haven't been in the pool since August. hrumpf.

You're gonna love those workouts. You'll see so much improvement quickly!

Danni said...

Good job at masters! How did the second session go??