Sunday, October 19, 2008

Why do the weekends blow by so quickly?

Hm, might it be because I'm so damn busy? Well, there goes another one. A quick recap:

Friday afternoon I caught up with my childhood best friend who was home visiting from her internal medicine residency in Boston. We see each other at very irregular intervals since we graduated high school as 17-year-olds and yet no matter how much time goes by, we can pick right back up where we left off. Don't you wish you had more friends like that?

Saturday started bright and early at 5:30 am. Let me just say - masters swim at 6am on Saturdays is WRONG, very very WRONG. But I had no other way to squeeze in my swim for the day and off I went. Since I apparently am going to be expected to swim without a nose clip on Tuesday, I gave it a small try and found that I could manage to swim across the pool that way (swimming being a very generous term for what felt more like floundering, but hey it's progress).

After a quick swim it was off to Pleasanton for Max and I to compete in our first agility trial since July. I was just looking for a practice round really, with the National coming up in a week. It's a good thing I'd entered something, and I now wish I'd entered a few more! Let's just say our standard run could have been successful with a new handler. Thankfully we redeemed ourselves with a lovely jumpers run where Max really smoked the course.

We were home from the trial by 11am and I was sluggish about starting my bike ride despite beautiful warm sunny weather. Eventually I got it done and then we were off to the Sharks-Flyers game. San Jose is still in progress of learning a new system via a new coach and several key players are injured. Despite being down by multiple goals, the Sharks battled it out and tied the game up, eventually winning in OT - yay! I always forget how much I miss hockey over the summer until fall comes again and we're back to attending every home game. I LOVE this sport.

Today I dropped Jeff off for a 50-mile ride to Crystal Springs with the guys and headed to Rancho San Antonio for a 2 hour run. Liz wanted me to do softer surface (trails?) and hills so there I was. This is a pretty popular wilderness preserve locally and I'd never been there. It was quite a nice run; though I'm still not a fan of running big hills and steep inclines, I did manage to do a ~6 mile loop twice without feeling like my legs were full of lead. I have been ready to sleep since 4pm though...we'll see how long I can stay awake!

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This next week is an easier training week and it couldn't come at a better time, with all the prep for nationals.

My totals for this past week (very light on biking until my next race is done):
Swim Distance: 4250 yd
Bike Distance: 20.87 mi
Run Distance: 25.25 mi
It's a little weird for me to have biked less than I ran. I'm sure there will be many fun biking drills ahead after Vegas!

Have a great week!

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Marit C-L said...

Sounds like a really great weekend! Busy yes, but great! Good for you for getting out on the bike - that can be tough sometimes, especially after a really EARLY Saturday am swim. Yikes! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you at Nationals!!!