Monday, October 6, 2008

Rants and Raves: Monday edition

Rant: Jeff is on a brief business trip and I miss him. For two people who spend so much time together (we both work from home a lot) we really aren't sick of each other after 5+ years together.

Rave: He started a new job today!

Rant: I had a work meeting I was dreading today.

Rave: It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be and my procedure document may once again start making forward progress towards completion by its deadline.

Rant: I start masters swim tomorrow. I am petrified. All the fast kids will point and laugh at the new uncoordinated slow girl.

Rave: I have an awesome 2 weeks of runs ahead. I'm looking forward to everything on my training schedule.

Rant: My legs are achy today.

Rave: I figured out my race schedule for 2009 (see sidebar).

Rant: I have to do Wildflower again.

Rave: I also get to do some awesome 70.3 races in places I've never been - Idaho and Georgia!

Rant: Stan will probably not be ready for obedience at the National.

Rave: Stan will have a very good time in agility and herding at the National!

Rant: It will be totally insane and I won't get enough sleep.

Rave: My agility trial for the National is now closed, my entries are in, I've completed and submitted the show catalog, and I don't have to do anything till the week before the trial.

Rant: Facebook is sucking my free time away from other websurfing and work.

Rave: Monday is over, on with the rest of the week!

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Anonymous said...

Hope the masters swim went well!!

Same here with Facebook - I need to live in the real world more ;-)