Tuesday, October 28, 2008

BCCA National Specialty - Day 4,000

Or so it feels like.

I'm now on two nights of no sleep but I think I will crash hard right after this post. I need to, as I'll be getting up at 3:30 am.

The day started out with a realization that the chances of obedience starting on schedule at 7:00 am - in the dark - were low. I took my time - doing my workouts, walking the dogs, setting up my tent at the show area, and showering and dressing. The futurity and sweepstakes competitions had to be bumped back because obedience was running so long!

Stanley and I finally made it into the rally ring around noon. I knew going in that I had a distracted teenage boy on my hands and it was not looking good. We got halfway through the course when he realized someone was playing with their dogs ringside (very bad manners around the obedience ring!) and I lost his focus at that point. At the next station, he lifted his leg to pee, and we were outta there!

Sweepstakes,with breeder-judge Tom Dixon, finally began 2 hours late. An hour rolled by before our class - 16-20 month dogs - went in. I was not expecting much for Stan as this is a national specialty, with some of the nicest dogs from all over the country, and I knew we had some of the most serious competition in this class. My biggest hope was to place at all! I was thrilled when we made the cut to 4 dogs and the judge had us stacked in the 4th place position. Imagine my surprise when he then moved us up to 1st place and we won the class!!!

The fun continued...Stanley's sister Bea won her class, the 16-20 month bitches, and then it was time for all the class winners to go back in the ring. Well, long story short, because I have to go to bed now ----- Beatrix was Best in Sweeps and Stanley was Best Opposite!!!! Color me 100% completely stunned.

And now, bed because I have to take Stan and Nan back to San Jose for grooming at 4am. I was originally going to go home this afternoon but things ran so late...I went to dinner with everyone to celebrate instead.


Getting comfortable in the hotel room
From 2008_Oct28

Stan's sister Joy from Maude's recent litter
From 2008_Oct28

Rhonda with Penny in the obedience ring

From 2008_Oct28

Maude (left) and her kids (l to r) Stan, Nan, Mackenzie & Bea
From 2008_Oct28

At dinner - Beth, Yvonne and I

From 2008_Oct28

View down one side of the table at dinner

From 2008_Oct28

The king of the world is tired.
From 2008_Oct28

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Anonymous said...

I want your dogs! Everytime I see their picture I just grin and laugh a little. They are so sweet.