Friday, October 24, 2008

Clean Dogs. I Haz Them.

The beardie boys are home from Canine Concepts and ready to roll. The hard part comes now...keeping them clean! I love how Max is not-so-discreetly leaning to his right and giving me the eye, as he'd rather not be associated with his younger brother.
From 2008_Oct24

Taken 2 seconds after the first photo.
From 2008_Oct24

Lovely one hour run this morning with various speed intervals built in. Thanksgiving Day next month is 3 years since I started running and I'm finally begining to see speed! I've got a bike ride for tomorrow that will probably be done on the trainer in the garage in the dark before we head up to the herding trial. *fingers crossed* Let's hope Stanley remember what sheep are from last week!

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I love the title of this post!