Monday, October 27, 2008

BCCA National - Day 3

Today was the big day - the agility trial that I was co-chairing and acting as trial secretary for. Lots of work, lots of paperwork, and lots of time spent making it run smoothly. My dogs and I were at the trial site by 5:45 am, and left somewhere around 6pm. I didn't get around to eating (a Powerbar) or drinking (a cup of juice) until late in the day. BUT. But! It ran smoothly and no one can possibly complain it.

Despite my attention being focused solely on the trial running, Max qualified in both standard and jumpers, including a 3rd place, for another double-Q! And Stanley! Stanley was brilliant in his first ever trial in one jumpers run - look out beardie world, he is gonna be FAST when he grows up. I'd better start more sprint training now, I'm going to need it. Both boys had a blast in the relay as well!

I've just finally checked into the hotel at 8 at night, bathed a dog and am getting something to eat and drink. Tomorrow I need to fit in a swim and run before we are in the ring for obedience and sweepstakes.

Some photos of the day....

Score table

From 2008_Oct27

Stanley's girlfriend Mary

From 2008_Oct27

Too bad the dogs are so stressed, eh?
From 2008_Oct27

Friends relaxing in between runs

From 2008_Oct27

The awards table

From 2008_Oct27

All the "Chucky Cheeseballs" i.e. Chauncey kids - l to r: Me with Max, Patti and Stix, Pam and Mary, Donna with Leia, Beth with Maude, and Tammy with Sparkee
From 2008_Oct27


Larissa said...

Looks like a Ton of fun!!! How can it not be with all those Beardies around. Congrats to Max and Yay for Stanly!!!!

Anonymous said...

I chuckled at the "too bad the dogs are so stressed" picture!! Looks so much like my dogs :)