Thursday, September 10, 2009

Being Dirty Is More Fun

Or so Stanley tries to tell me.

2009_September10 020

I might have to embrace this philosophy as it seems I’m always getting sweaty or covered in dirt from something.  Seriously though, do you know how many showers you end up taking in Ironman training?  Especially if I have to go to work or a meeting and THEN work out…I’m on a constant cycle of smelly and clean.  Even then, last night I stank of chlorine when I went to bed and I DID shower.

The dogs are getting baths tomorrow so I’ve been letting them have some muddy fun on the high school field for their walks.

Stanley is all about finding a way to get *just* outside the scope of the camera.

2009_September10 009

My sweet Max is being treated for an ear infection this week and finally starting to feel better.

2009_September10 022

What can I say?  He’s 2 years old.  I want some of whatever he’s got.

Training this week continues to roll along well…hill repeats up and down Shannon/Kennedy roads in Los Gatos in the heat (nailed my HR targets!), lots of swimming (sugar crepes from the farmers market = reward for swimming when I wasn’t in the mood), and today some tough power intervals on the bike.  I need to channel my inner Stanley and get going already.

For a short holiday week, this one has dragged on very slowly.  I’m ready to get to the weekend already, as I’ll be doing a little 2.4 mile open water swim race!


D said...

I'm never in the mood to train. Does that mean I get treats after every workout? (ahem... maybe this is my problem...)

Marit C-L said...

I love your 'puppies'! And I love how you love your puppies! :) They are (obviously...) a handful - but so cute.

I hear you on the showers thing. Someone once told me that they only wash their hair after swimming - and now I do that half the time. I just go through way way way too much shampoo. But I always use soap - THAT is non negotiable!

Good luck on the power intervals! GO MOLLY GO!

Unknown said...

I, too, went to bed smelling of chlorine, even after a shower. What's that all about??

GoBigGreen said...

Good luck! We are headed into 6 mos or more of 25 Yard pool swimming. Boo. So keep on swimming outside till ya cant stand it! ha!

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Good job making it through the training! You are in the hang tough part but doing so well!!! And, I love the idea of little rewards, especially for swimming - bleh! I treat myself to my version of Fat man's breakfast - eggs, sausage and lots of cheese after those gut it out 5 a.m. swim workouts!

cheryl said...

I want some of what Stanley has too - he is so cute and energetic! You get some great photos of them. Keep up the good work on the training front!