Saturday, November 21, 2009

And here it goes…

Fun Race Facts:
*Of the 2,884 athletes entered 747 (26%) are women.
*There are 518 men registered in M40-44 and 453 in M35-39.
*There are 56 men competing who are 60+
*The largest women's age category is W35-39 with 138. There are 133 in W40-44, 131 in W30-34 and 122 in W45-49.
*There are eight women 60 or over.
*There are 36 countries represented. After the US (2600 registered), the largest country represented is Canada with 112. There's an athlete from every one of the United States.
*The youngest competitors in the race are William Dunn Jr. from St. Louis, Missouri, who is 20. Moraga, California's Evelyn Hoover is 18.
*Edwin Wolfgram, who is also from St. Louis, Missouri, is our oldest competitor – he's 77. Pewaukee, Wisconsin's Cheryl Wood, 66, is our oldest female competitor.
*There are 1,140 participants who are competing in their first Ironman.


Swim practice in the lake today



Shivering at brunch


Checking the bike into transition


Mixing up nutrition bottles



It’s time! I’m ready.  There’s nothing else to be said.  Just send me good swim vibes for tomorrow and I’ll take care of the rest!


D said...

Again, I remind you: don't shit your pants.

Trishie said...

I was hoping you'd update today ! I'm SO excited for you and ready to watch you kick some IRONMAN BOOTAY tomorrow !!

(I was surprised when I learned how few women compete compared to men)

jennabul said...

I send you all my swimming mojo for tomorrow. Use it well. =) GOOD LUCK MOLLY!!!

lynn yarmey said...

SUPER-FAST MERMAID VIBES!!!!!! though i am glad you chose the wetsuit route over the shell bikini, it will make the transition a little bit easier. fingers and toes crossed for tomorrow!!

Maggs said...

Good luck out there!

Missy said...

Like D said, don't shit your pants, but peeing your pants is TOTALLY acceptable! Best of luck for a great day.

Trishie said...

You're out of the water in 2:10:50! girlie you almost gave me a heart attack while I was refreshing your number ... now do this bike !!

GoBigGreen said...

Infinit is the best. Hope your day is going great. I have to get back to checking on you now:)

Melissa said...

You are doing well Molly, just off the bike! You're doing it!!! Great pacing job on the bike! Can't wait to watch you cross the finish line.

Rainmaker said...

Woot! Been following all day long since the start of the swim, you're in the final 6 miles now, looking great!

D said...

So I've had A LOT of time to think about these stats today and it occurs to me that I'm a total idiot for not coming and spectating with Maggs. I'll let you decide which stat made me realize that.

Sarah said...

Nice job Molly!! You are an Ironman!! I followed your progress all day long - you rock!!

Diamond Girl said...

Congrats! Can't wait to read your recap of it!!

Maria said...

Can't wait for the race report...I 'watched' you on Sunday!

ShirleyPerly said...

Congratulations Molly!!!