Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Random Ramblings

I’m looking forward to going home to California after 3+ weeks away.

My dogs don’t cut me a break because I did an Ironman.  I do love them for that but I sometimes get tired on these long walks.

I don’t know how I forgot to mention the guy that peed on me during the IM AZ bike.  He couldn’t have, you know, stayed BEHIND me while he peed on the bike – he had to pass me in a headwind, pull RIGHT in front of me, and then let loose with his spray.  I think the nicest thing I screamed was calling him a fucking prick.

I’m glad I brought my own paparazzi to the race, because my official race photos were disappointing.

Some were OK and some were downright bad.




Is that guy peeing in the bushes behind me?


Oh, don’t bother getting the shot when my arms were OVER my head in joy, get them after, that’s not an awkward look at all.


At least I can see Jeff in red in this one.


Really? This is the only shot you could get of me running a 5-hour marathon?


My appetite is back.  As is my thirst for beer.  It’s been a nice day.  Happy Thanksgiving Eve!


Maria said...

passing then peeing?! that should be added to the unofficial, official what not to do list.

Marit C-L said...

Ha ha - I agree with Maria!

Race photos are always touch and go... :) Much better to have your very own paparazzi!

Happy Thanksgiving Molly!

Missy said...

YEP, I had the same thing happen. Pee right in my face MFer! Oh well, makes for a good story.

Ah, off season to rest. Got to love it.

ADC said...

Oh being peed on should definitely be worthy of some sort of penalty.

Jennifer Harrison said...

I have been living in a cave on vacay...but got on your blog today to read your RR - congrats on your race! Loved the pics too!

HOPE you are enjoying the R&R now! Much deserved.

ALSO - isn't that lululemon pink shirt the BEST EVER?! It is my all time fav - I have the pink and then the grey one!!!! LOVELY!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Boys can be so icky - I certainly spent too much time behind ones with tell tale salt stains on their cycling shorts- if you've going to pee on the bike, one, check behind, two, change your shorts.

Runner Leana said...

Gross! Cannot believe that guy did that. Ick...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Meredith said...

Ick, Ick and more ick. Really, was there a response to your comment? I watched many cross the finish line and noticed that the flash was going after people crossed and wondered how the official photos would turn out. Thank goodness for your crew!

Charisa said...

Love your race pics! The guy peeing in the bushes behind you is AWESOME!