Monday, November 16, 2009

You Guys Are SO Lucky

The things I do for my friends, so that together we can all have a little laugh at those “dog show people.”

First of all, I’ll have you know that I do NOT wear sneakers with a skirt in the show ring, or appear to be missing major support garments while running the dog.  I actually try to emulate most of the pro handlers and wear nice comfortable but nice dog show clothes.

Exhibit A: Stanley and I at the BCCA National last year


But occasionally at a show, there is someone who pushes all those fashion boundaries to the limit.  You can’t help it when your jaw drops as this person walks by.  Yes, the judge will never fail to notice them in the ring, but is it the dog they are noticing? 

D, this one is for you.

Exhibit B: Dreadlocks past her waist, full length FUR COAT, walking a male bloodhound in a sequined pink snood


Exhibit C: The front view.  Please note her full length sparkly evening gown and – it’s hard to see but – PINK sunglasses.


I’ve seen her at shows before and every outfit is more outrageous than the last.

So there you go, a little Best In Show moment from me to you :)


Runner Leana said...

Oh Molly, you look so pretty! The fur coat though? Wow...that is one interesting look!

Maggs said...

You should wear compression socks next time

D said...

Agreed on the compression socks. You'll still look like the normal one. Dog people are weird.

Trishie said...

Molly you are too cute !

Maria said...

From the back that woman looks like a warlord from some old fashioned movie!
I agree with everyone else, you should rock the compression socks!

Charisa said...

AHHHHHA awesome!!

Can't wait for your race! :) Good luck this weekend!